Lawyers who are part of the solution....

The Trouble with Lawyers

Cost. Legal rates have shot up in recent years. Rates of $300 to $500 per hour have become commonplace.

Arnold and Associates has a decades-old commitment to keeping our rates fair and reasonable, and we regularly inform our clients of how much time a matter is taking – so that the client can better control costs.

Delay. Many have had the experience of not having telephone calls returned in a timely manner (sometimes not at all), or waiting weeks or longer for a relatively simple piece of work to be done.

At Arnold and Associates, we try to return all calls within two hours. If we are out of pocket, our staff knows to be in touch with the client and provide as much interface and coverage as possible.

Communication. Unreturned or slowly-returned telephone calls are one attorney communication problem. Another is listening. Have you ever attempted to tell an attorney a problem only to have the attorney take over the conversation and do more of the talking than the listening? Maybe it seemed that the attorney thought he/she knew more about your problem than you did? Have you had the experience of wondering what is happening on a task entrusted to your legal counsel – perhaps after weeks of non-communication?

At Arnold and Associates, we are good listeners, asking questions where necessary to be sure we understand the facts and issues and that we have information on critical points. At Arnold and Associates, we are typically in touch at least bi-weekly if there is a pending task. Our clients know where things stand on their matters.

Self-Interest. A common public perception is that many lawyers place making money ahead of serving the client’s interests. Lawyers are sometimes seen as greedy and uncaring.

At Arnold and Associates, job one is serving the client’s interests. Yes, we expect to be fairly compensated for doing so; but if we can achieve the objective with less fees rather than more, we regard that as a “win.”

Overlawyering. Have you had the experience of receiving a lengthy, incomprehensible contract when all you wanted and requested was something simple and straightforward? Have you received a bill which, like the contract, was oversized and represented unnecessary work? Have you been in a negotiation where far more money was spent on lawyer wrangling than was reasonably necessary? Did the thought cross your mind to take the lawyers out of the process and just deal directly with the other side? Were you concerned you would mis-step if you did so? Was it frustrating?

At Arnold and Associates, we strive to avoid over-complicating and over-lawyering. The documents that we draft are typically simple, protective of the client yet balanced (i.e. neither side taking undue advantage of the other), and reader-friendly. Clear, straightforward documents lessen the likelihood of future disagreements.